Welcome Package for Associates

Hello, and welcome,

We are happy you have decided to join us as an Associate.

As Associate Liaison I am here to help you get off on the right foot, and get up to speed as quickly as possible.

There are many opportunities and resources available now that you’re part of the team. This document contains a collection of resources to help you get started.

Check out the Team page on our website to meet others you will encounter in your work with us at LearnSphere.

If there’s anything else, I can help you with don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time.

Welcome Package

Supplier Portal

Our Supplier Portal is a central hub that we use for communication with our Associates. This is where you will create your bio and upload your image. You will also use the Portal to sign contracts, upload course proposals, and receive communications from us. Sheila will send you a link by email that will allow you to enter your company information, contact information and complete the setup of your profile.

Associate Marketing

Marketing opportunities that come to you as an Associate of LearnSphere include your Associate bio and image which you will create in the Supplier Portal.

Once you have created your profile, it will automatically display any courses you are currently offering for LearnSphere. Your profile will be visible from the Meet Our Associates page on our website. You can use the URL of your profile in any marketing materials related to what you do for LearnSphere.

Note: Associate Profiles and the Meet Our Associates page on the web are still under development. We will be in touch about additional features as they are added.

Associate Info Newsletter

Our Associate Info email will come several times per year, providing you with important information, announcements of work opportunities, upcoming events, and requests for engagement.

Back issues of the Associate Info can be obtained in the Communication tab within your profile on the Supplier Portal .

Quality Learning Resources

This page of our website contains information, standards and tools designed to help you deliver “best in class” learning experiences. This is a living resource, so be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Note that these are proprietary resources, so please do not share (Copyright © 2020 by LearnSphere Canada Inc. All rights reserved)

Resources include:

  • Quality Learning Toolkit-Standards and expectations for effective learning delivery
  • Templates-Standards and expectations for slide shows, handouts, etc.
  • Quality Learning Checklist-For assessing adherence to the standards and expectations
  • Quality Learning Planner-To help you plan your learning programs
  • Personas-To help you understand the audiences you’ll be teaching to
  • Logos-Formats and guidelines for usage
  • Background materials-Information on adult learning principles
Professional Development Opportunities

PD sessions are typically held twice a year. They are meant to broaden your skills as they relate to the work you do for LearnSphere. Topics are chosen based on feedback and the needs expressed by Associates. They may be delivered by other Associates, or by external experts, depending on the topic.

You will be emailed details at least a month prior to each session. Information will also be posted on the Communication tab within the Supplier Portal. Associate input is always welcome! If you have ideas for Associate PD, please share with Hannah.

Associate Forum

The goal of the forum is to update you on LearnSphere’s activities, and to enable you to provide input and feedback on matters related to the advancement of LearnSphere. It also serves as a helpful opportunity to get to know the other associates.

The forum is held annually in late fall (October or November). You will be emailed details at least a month prior, and the information will also be posted on the Communication tab in the Supplier Portal.

Business Development

One of the benefits of joining LearnSphere is our business development efforts to land new learning and development opportunities that can be fulfilled by our expert Associates.

If, through your own sales efforts you have an exciting opportunity that is too big for you to bid for on your own, or if you need support with language or subject matter expertise, give us a call to discuss how we can collaborate.

Invitation to submit Course Proposals

Are you planning on offering courses under our flagship programs ProfitLearn and/or Training for the Non-Profit Sector (TNPS)?

You can submit course proposals at any time by visiting the My Courses tab on the Supplier Portal. Be sure to check the ProfitLearn and TNPS pages for our current course offerings, to avoid overlaps with courses that exist already.

We also issue a formal call for new courses once or twice a year to fill specific learning needs. Those invitations will be issued via the Associate Info newsletter.

LearnSphere Programs you can promote to clients

If you provide consulting to SME or Non-Profit clients, several LearnSphere programs may be of interest to them. These are not exclusive to you as an Associate, but you are welcome to promote them. If your client is successful, they use their funding to hire a consultant of their own choosing.

Please note that our programs do go through cycles, so please check the website first to ensure that the program is open before you promote it. Programs not currently open may have waiting lists available.

Create your LearnSphere Public Profile
Create your LearnSphere Public Profile:

Your public profile includes a short bio and an image. Once it’s complete your name will be added to the Meet our Associates page.

  • Click on My Profile in the left menu
  • Click on the My Bio tab at the top
  • Click on Edit Bio