Host a Workshop

Hosting a ProfitLearn workshop is an easy and affordable way to help you meet the needs of your clients or colleagues and fulfil your business development mandate.

Let us help you with the planning, marketing, and logistics, and get you access to our Associates’ knowledge and skills. Leaders in their respective fields, they share practical, accessible management tools, tips, and techniques that they’ve tested within their own practice.

We regularly deliver ProfitLearn Programs for partners like ACOA District Offices, regional economic development agencies, Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs), Chambers of Commerce, industry associations and more. We welcome new partners at any time.

As a partner you may want to host In-House Workshops for your own management or staff. Or you may choose to host an Open Workshop for the benefit of multiple businesses in the community. Whichever your preference, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Pick a workshop from our list.
  2. Promote the workshop.
  3. Register 10 people or more.

We take care of the rest, including planning, marketing, and logistics. We will even provide you with marketing materials to help you promote the workshop to those who would benefit most.

We look forward to helping you bring ProfitLearn to your business or community.