Employers have a lot on their plate right now and seemingly more urgent issues such as layoffs, return to work protocols, managing remote employees, accommodation requests etc., can easily overshadow the obligation to ensure a respectful work environment. However, as the Canadian Human Rights Commission reminds us, the current stress that permeates our day-to-day lives might be why employers should place extra emphasis on ensuring their employees feel respected and safe while working.

Traditional workplace harassment training has been focused on behaviour at work. However, online bullying, poor video-conferencing etiquette, harassment and discrimination occurs with alarming frequency outside of the physical workplace. Since the pandemic has changed the ways in which we interact with each other at work, we need to look at and prepare for how we will do that respectfully. This online workshop will address topics such as:

  • Respectful workplace obligations in the physical, remote and virtual workplace;
  • Examples of harassment inside and outside the physical workplace;
  • Addressing workplace harassment complaints during and post pandemic;
  • Modelling and enforcing respectful conduct; and
  • Recognizing and addressing employee conflict.

The facilitators are happy to take specific and anonymous questions during the online workshop to address any questions participants would like to ask.