This series of online classes is ideal for the new supervisor or anyone who wishes to sharpen their supervisory skills.

Participants will be able to apply leadership concepts and use them as points of discussion through real life scenarios. Each month we will introduce new concepts and activities to keep discussions dynamic. These online classes which will last 2 hours and will be offered once a month, will include simulations and monthly coaching from an HR Specialist and a Productivity Expert. 


Leadership 101: The Basics of Leadership today.

Explore the concept of Authentic Leadership through activities that will help identify your own leadership style. 

Setting Expectations and Managing Performance

Discuss best practices that ensure everyone across the organization is on the same page. Learn the differences between Coaching &Feedback while applying techniques for both approaches. 

Motivating Teams

No individual creates as much value alone as they do as part of a team. What motivates individuals to show up, on time and do a great job every day? Understanding those motivators is critical to increasing a team’s productivity and the value they create for their customers. 

Productivity for the Team

The word “productivity” is misunderstood. Many people work very hard every day yet are not as productive as they could be or should be. Most professionals are not trained in the field of operational excellence & improvement and therefore they are wasting precious hours each day and each week on non-value added work. This session will focus on what is value added for your teams and how to eliminate the waste. 

Managing Conflict

How to overcome the challenges of avoiding conflict and learn the steps in finding common ground. Discuss various approaches to effectively navigate through difficult conversations with confidence. 

Daily Management for Improvement

One of the most engaging tools for any team. This day will train the team on how to run efficient daily huddles (5-7 mins. It also includes the implementation of a visual management board which allows the team to always know the plan for the day and how they are doing (the score).