Most entrepreneurs have big goals but no clear path to hitting them. They waste time, money, and resources on things that don’t move them forward. You’ll walk away from this 2 part workshop knowing exactly where to focus in the next 90 days to grow your business and make this your best year ever.

Part 1: Get crystal clear on your goals for 2023 & Identify your biggest opportunities for growth

  • Define your most important business goals for 2023 (while learning how to avoid the mistakes most people make when goal setting)
  • Learn the 4 biggest reasons most business strategies don’t deliver results & how to create one that does
  • Audit your business across the 5 areas that most contribute to success so that you understand exactly what is and isn’t working right now
  • Analyze the data you do have and identify what else you need to make informed strategic decisions
  • Uncover your biggest opportunities for growth

Part 2: Build a 90 day action plan that’s going to deliver big results & Set up systems for success

  • Clearly define your top priorities for your business this year
  • Identify the specific strategy that will empower you to hit or exceed your goals
  • Break down your strategy into specific and actionable projects you can begin executing on immediately
  • Learn how to hold your team (or yourself!) accountable & aligned to the strategy despite distractions
  • Identify the most important metrics to track in your business so you can make solid strategic decisions going forward
  • Learn what successful entrepreneurs are doing differently to succeed in their strategic action plans

This workshop is for you if.....

You have ambitious goals for the next 12 months but don’t quite know how you’re going to hit them (or you don’t even have clearly defined goals)

You’re trying to do all the right things to move your business forward but aren’t seeing the results you want

You’re growing your revenue here and there, but it always feels like one step forward, two steps back instead of the exponential growth you’re after (or you’ve grown so fast you’re feeling scattered in a million directions)

You don’t have a crystal clear plan on where to focus when you sit down to work each day and you feel you could be more productive with your time

Strategic planning sounds too intimidating - you want a framework that is simple and will actually help you move forward.