Module 2: Practical Application of Culture and Leadership in Your Workplace

This leadership and team series contains two workshop mini-series. Each one is designed to help elevate workplace culture through recognition of the value and contribution that diversity, equity, and inclusivity add to an organization. First, by identifying and understanding personal, team, and organizational key guiding principles, and then by using this learning to increase belonging, safety, and purpose by actively engaging in a collective applied learning project.

Workshop 1 (2 hours): Building Blocks: Identifying Skills and Action Steps for an Inclusive Workplace


  • Participants will identify personal and professional skills and competencies required to create and support an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Participants will establish an area of focus in which their values, skills and competencies may be effectively demonstrated for the benefit of their workplace community.
  • Participants will be introduced to a three-part plan they will develop to guide their learning and actively engage them in implementing what they have learned during Module 1 and 2 of this workshop series.

Workshop 2 (2 hours): Charting the Course: Tools and Techniques for Workplace Inclusion


  • Participants will establish a clear vision for the inclusive workplace they want their organization and its people to experience.
  • Participants will gain insight on and select effective best practices and strategies for creating an inclusive workplace culture in their organization.
  • Participants will examine the value of evaluating the progress and impact of their “Creating an Inclusive Workplace” action plan.

Workshop 3 (2 hours): Navigating Obstacles: Solutions for Implementing Inclusive Action Plans


  • Participants will identify potential barriers to implementing their action plan for creating an inclusive workplace and generate ideas for overcoming them.
  • Participants will synthesize their learning by making connections to how personal and organizational values, skills, strengths, and competencies contribute to creating safety and belonging in the workplace.
  • Participants will complete the final section of their action plan and consider what implementation supports they may want to access to increase success.