Creating a diverse team that's productive and works together to drive results for your small business is challenging. You must manage different communication styles, personality traits, and conflicts between team members.

As a business owner, you want to ensure you're hiring the right people for the right job.

In this two-part workshop:

  • Identify and prevent employee disengagement
    • Understand and connect with team members' communication styles and motivations
    • Build trust within the team so everyone can show up authentically
    • Improve team engagement and inclusion through effective communication
    • Create a safe and inclusive work environment where all voices are heard and valued.

Led by Esther Hephzibah, a seasoned leader with 15+ years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and certified as a DISC Human Behavior Trainer and Maxwell Leadership Coach.

She understands how to transform underperformers into top performers.

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You'll leave with a deeper understanding of your own leadership style and how to adapt it to better meet the needs of your team.