Hannah WestnerSenior Project Manager

Hannah joined LearnSphere as a Senior Project Manager in October 2019. She holds a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Nutrition and a minor in Chemistry. While she began her career as a clinical dietitian, providing individual counselling in hospital and home care, she very quickly realized that she preferred working more “upstream” in the area of population health promotion.

Coming from a community development background, Hannah has extensive experience in building networks of supportive partners, identifying points of common interest, building and maintaining interest and excitement in the initiative, identifying and leveraging collective assets, and working together to achieve common goals. In her most recent government role as a manager, she was working on building capacity around project management within her team.

Hannah and her husband Wolfgang have lived in Fredericton since 2006. They are very happy to have their two grown sons, Stefan and Sebastian, living nearby.


Little known fact about Hannah:

She sang for 7 years in an a cappella quartet called Common Threads. Their last concert (although they didn’t know it at the time) was to a packed audience at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton in 2000 at an International Women’s Day celebration.

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