Pricing (Part 2): Finding Your Price Point

Find­ing the right price for your prod­uct or ser­vice is an essen­tial for mak­ing sure your busi­ness is com­pet­i­tive and prof­itable. Part two will cover: 

  • Under­stand­ing what influ­ences your pricing 

  • Under­stand­ing markups via dis­tri­b­u­tion channels 

  • Pric­ing tech­niques for retail and online stores and/​or

  • Pric­ing tech­niques for small-and-medi­um manufacturers

  • Pric­ing tech­niques for the ser­vice indus­try* (depend­ing on requests of participants) 

By the end of Part 2 you will be able to draft your mar­ket entry strat­e­gy, based on costs and distribution.

Online Work­shop — 1 hour