Module 2: Setting up for Success

What you control

  • Under­stand cost of goods
  • Quan­ti­fy pro­duc­tion capac­i­ty and capabilities
  • Costs for dis­tri­b­u­tion & logistics
  • Met­rics to mea­sure performance

The num­bers in depth

  • Detailed cost of goods sold analysis
  • Defin­ing mar­gin vs. mark up
  • Con­duct a cat­e­go­ry review
  • Explore cat­e­go­ry margins
  • Cal­cu­lat­ing price-based cost­ing vs. mark up
Online work­shop — 3.5 hours

Facil­i­ta­tors (Eng­lish)
Jan­ice Goguen (Oli­va Strate­gies Inc.)

Facil­i­ta­tors (French)

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