Apply for Customized Support

Improve your organization’s management capabilities and strengthen your internal processes with customized support!

The Customized Support component of the ProfitLearn program provides up to five days of consulting, coaching, and training assistance to eligible small and medium sized businesses.

Valued at more than $7,000, the participant fee is only $900 (+HST), thanks to support from the program funders.

Eligibility Apply Now

Examples of custom support our experts can provide:

  • Facilitate a strategic planning process
  • Revise or create corporate policies
  • Draft job descriptions or HR policies
  • Create a communication plan
  • Implement a process improvement plan
  • Insert your top priority here ________. Support will be customized to your needs!

Who can apply?

The program is open to New Brunswick-based registered businesses in applicable sectors, who have been in operation for minimum of 2 years, with established revenue.

ProfitLearn is managed by LearnSphere Canada with financial assistance from our funders.