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Tanya Chapman
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Preparing Your Non-profit for the New Normal

Need help getting back to business at your Non-Profit?

Preparing your organization or workplace for the return of on-site teams and clients can be daunting. As we consider new ways of working together, including mixed at-home and on-site team members, we need to build a transition plan that addresses safety concerns, anxieties over returning to work, redistribution of responsibilities and building new ways to engage teams and clients.  

This two-hour online workshop will provide you with the tools and skill set to get you started!

Re-Imagining Long-Term Care Homes

Re-imagining long-term care homes – the new normal.

Long-term care homes are vulnerable as a result of a global pandemic. The restrictions required to mitigate COVID-19 will continue for the foreseeable future.

Facilitated by Tanya Chapman, this series of three 90-minute free online workshops will assist your team to develop an action plan for the new normal; and to think through the design, structure and access to long-term care.

Your new plan will help you to:

  • Define the new normal: how you will deliver service in a different way, understand the gaps between “now" and the “new normal”

  • Transition to the new normal: develop a detailed action plan, determine how to manage the change

  • Monitor the new normal: know what and how to monitor, when to adjust again, and who is involved

You will leave with a toolkit and an actionable plan to address your individualized needs.

Creating a Motivating Environment through a Total Rewards Plan

To implement a total rewards plan, business leaders must tackle a broad range of challenging questions— everything from who will design the plan and what types of rewards it will include to how the plan will be funded and under what business conditions the plan is intended to operate. This highly informative session encompasses not only compensation and benefits but also personal and professional growth opportunities and the importance of a motivating work environment.

The course will focus on current trends and common approaches to:

  • Total Rewards: 4 quadrant model
  • Compensation Models – base and at risk
  • Motivation Factors
  • Learning and Development and Work Environment  

Upon course completion, participants are able to explain and apply their understanding and knowledge for development of reward models in their organization.

Preparing you HR for Business Succession

This program is designed for business owners who are interested in planning for business transition. We will walk through talent planning, identifying high potentials, creating accelerated learning plans, and building a flexible succession plan that can be refreshed and updated based on the needs of the organization. You will receive practical tools and templates for use within your own organization.

The content is pragmatic, and focused on solving real-life business problems. Delivery includes actual examples, experiential learning and practice. It is a practical training program with immediate application to your business needs and growth plans.

Employee Re-Engagement

Attend this interactive online workshop to gain actionable tips and tools to help employees quickly adapt to everyday changes and stress.

Through engaging facilitation by Tanya Chapman, you will leave the course knowing the critical elements of employee motivation and performance.

  • Revisiting the Change Curve
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs
  • Evaluate their team’s current engagement
  • Identify and mitigate risks moving forward

Leveraging Your Team's Potential

Learn how to achieve the desired results for your organization by leveraging the potential of your team.

In this workshop, Human Resources expert Rebecca McNeil from The Chapman Group, will provide valuable knowledge and insights to assist you and your team in creating an engaged workplace.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to create a diverse and inclusive team
  • Understand team dysfunctions and tools to support positive team development
  • Discuss effective conflict management
  • Learn tools that assist with understanding ourselves and each other
  • Introduce Personal Development Planning