Pierre Tomson

Pierre Tomson
P.G.F. Consultants Inc. (external website)
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  • Communications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Human Resources
  • Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • International Development
  • Skills Development


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Governance 101: The Basics

Governance is an ever-evolving concept referring to the manner in which a body leads and oversees the operations of an organization.

This interactive online workshop is designed to examine the different facets of governance and equip board members with the tools for effective participation.

Participants will learn:

  • Definitions of governance, including its impact and characteristics;
  • The fundamental pillars of governance, including relevant legal instruments, elements of stewardship and practices for sustainability;
  • The duties and responsibilities of directors, including strategic and financial oversight;
  • Best practices for good governance; and
  • Effective board participation.

Governance 101: Advanced

A strong and dedicated Board of Directors is essential to the success of an organization.

This interactive online workshop for experienced board members will offer a more in-depth explanation of critical roles at the Board level, including the Chair and Executive Director, and best practices for Board development and communication.

Participants will learn:

  • The role and responsibilities of the Board Chair and the Executive Director;
  • Different elements of Board development and evaluation;
  • Effective participation and conflict management; and
  • Board ethics and confidentiality