Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman
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Peter Chapman not only understands the food industry, he has a passion for seeing others succeed in this business. sharing his in-depth knowledge of the retail landscape and consumers with food producers and food processors who want to grow their sales. His valuable insights will help you navigate the marketplace more effectively and get your items on the shelf and into the shopping cart of the consumer. Peter’s extensive experience includes product development, building relationships throughout the supply chain, and retail merchandising. Starting at the store level, he learned the importance of listening to the consumer and the challenges of implementing strategies at retail. He went on to Canada’s largest food retailer, Loblaw, for nearly twenty years. Expanding his knowledge working in various departments including merchandising, marketing, advertising and real estate. In 2007, Peter started a company to provide customized services to producers, processors and retailers across Canada and in the U.S. who want to increase their sales. Peter works directly with producers and processors to help them understand their customers, the retailers. Peter has helped retailers improve their merchandising processes and the offering to the consumer in store. Look for Peter’s book "A la cart, a supplier’s guide to retailers’ priorities." The book was written for suppliers, to help them better understand where their customers are focusing their efforts. There is a chapter devoted to each of the retailer’s priorities and suggestions for how suppliers can develop products and programs to support these initiatives. 1984-1988 Mount Allison University B(comm) 1988-2007 Loblaw Companies Ltd. 2007-2016 GPS Business Solutions Ltd 2016-present SKUFood Inc.


  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain


For more information visit ProfitLearn or Training for the Non-Profit Sector

Module 1: Consumers & Customers – Satisfying Both

Understand Consumers

  • Identify food trends
  • Market segmentation
  • Finding information about consumers
  • Defining your target market

Understand customers

  • Explore the eco-system (Direct, online, retail, drug, specialty stores, meal kits, food service, ingredient supplier)
  • Research business priorities of customers
  • Distinguish formats
  • Explore departments
Module 3: Building Relationships with Customers

Getting on the Shelf: Building Relationships with Customers

Store visit virtually

  • Making the most of the opportunity
  • Building relationships at retail
  • Figuring out what works
  • Store tour (videos and photos)

Working with retailers

  • Building a sales plan
  • Explore trade spend (listing fees ads, loyalty, POS, demos)
  • Getting your product listed • How to increase your price
  • Communicating effectively
  • Handling problems and issues
Module 4: Winning in Retail

Channel partners

  • Finding a broker
  • Finding a distributor
  • Working with a broker
  • Working with a distributor
  • Logistics

Considerations to grow your business

  • Co-packing
  • Discuss national brands vs. control label
  • Illustrating great brands and why they are great
  • Packaging
  • Mastering trade shows (in person and virtual)
Module 5: Getting off the Shelf: Consumer Marketing

Branding and differentiation

  • Telling your story
  • Exploring power of claims
  • Defining your Point of Differentiation
  • Assess Buy local and buy Canadian Marketing and selling in a new environment

Mastering virtual customer meetings

  • Sampling remotely
  • Social media
  • Develop your online community
  • Explore marketing spend (social media, mass media, PR)
  • Build a promotion plan
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