Hayley Bohan

Hayley Bohan
Marketing On Purpose (external website)
With almost twen­ty years in pro­gres­sive­ly senior mar­ket­ing roles, this award win­ning mar­keter has been at the heart of many beloved brands, includ­ing Cana­di­an favorites Moose Light, Alexan­der Keith’s and Swiss Chalet. In 2017, she found­ed Mar­ket­ing On Pur­pose where she helps small busi­ness own­ers cre­ate stand­out brands worth falling in love with. Through­out her career, she’s launched sev­er­al brands and line exten­sions, re-posi­tioned brands, and man­aged hun­dreds of pro­mo­tions as well as mul­ti­ple TV, radio, online, email, loy­al­ty and tra­di­tion­al media cam­paigns. She is high­ly skilled in work­ing with brands across an array of indus­tries to cre­ate their dig­i­tal voic­es” and dri­ve cus­tomer engage­ment. She is the cre­ator of the Brand-Worth-Lov­ing Method to help small busi­ness­es stand out and posi­tion them­selves for deep­er cus­tomer con­nec­tions, as well as the cre­ator of the ACRE Growth Sys­tem to help them cre­ate mar­ket­ing plans that take their busi­ness­es to the next lev­el of impact and growth.


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Building Your Buyer Persona

Please note this is a series of 3 one-hour online workshops and 1 hour of coaching per participant.

No matter where you spend your marketing time and dollars, to create effective marketing that drives buying behaviour you must identify and understand your ideal customers. You need to know more than just their demographics and your assumptions. 

This workshop takes you from identifying who your ideal customer is to the primary research you need to truly learn how to motivate buying behaviour to creating a comprehensive buyer persona to use in all your marketing efforts moving forward. 

  • Determine who exactly your ideal customer is based on four key criteria.
  • Discover what a buyer persona is and how you can use it in your marketing.
  • Discover the interview technique and questions you need to ask do you can identify the real triggers for your buyers
  • Research ideal clients on Social Media using the snooping technique to augment your primary research.
  • Interpret your research with your coach to create a comprehensive Buyer Persona.

Entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, marketing staff will benefit from participating in this series.

Embracing Facebook Lives To Boost Engagement and Sales

Facebook Lives produces six times more interactions than traditional videos, and the daily watch time of Lives on Facebook has quadrupled in the last year. If you want to improve your social media results on Facebook, LIVES are where it is at.

  • Choose the topics and format for your live events
  • Create an engaging live show that connects with your fans
  • Learn  to schedule, promote, and make your videos look and sound great
Build an organic Facebook Strategy that drives sales

Most businesses are using Facebook, but their efforts are not paying off because just posting about what you sell is a turn-off that doesn't translate into sales. Learn how to create a Facebook strategy unique to your business that will help you get more engagement and more sales for your efforts.

  • Create a strategy that encourages connection and loyalty, and makes it easier to come up with ideas.
  • Sell on Facebook without being sale-sy and turning off your fans.
  • Boost engagement and conversion just by changing how you post.
Adding More Meaning to Your Brand

A strong brand starts on the foundation of purpose which drives through everything you do. Buyer expectations demand that companies start to matter more. In this online workshop:

  • Learn why it is the right time for you to find purpose beyond profit to support your growth goals.
  • Better understand the changing expectations of buyers and what you will need to do to stay relevant and competitive. 
  • Explore proven methods to help you discover the deeper purpose of your brand.
  • Get inspired by brands that are doing it right.
Increase Sales with Better Product Pages

If you sell products online and want to increase the conversion rate so you can sell more, this two-part series is for you. 

  • Understand conversion rates and how increasing them can impact your sales.
  • Optimize your product pages for your ideal customers 
  • Write compelling product descriptions
  • Create professional-looking images and videos to promote your products.
Boost Engagement on Facebook

Part 1: Create posts that engage and help turn followers into buyers.

This workshop is right for you if you are struggling to get engagement on your posts, you can't figure out what to post, and you want an easier process for posting.

  • Understand the difference between posting to post and posting to create buyers
  • Determine the right content mix for your business
  • Learn tips that will help you increase post engagement and visibility
  • Learn how to use Facebook Publishing Tool

Part 2: Analytics: understand your insights & save time

This workshop is right for you if you want to understand how your posts are performing and continually improve your engagement results.

  • Learn how to use Facebook Insights, and how evaluate your posts.
  • Discover and experiment with repurposing posts so you don't always have to come up with new ideas.
  • Learn time-saving tips that will help you schedule a month of posts at a time.