Esther Hephzibah

Esther Hephzibah
Shine Transformation Solutions
Moncton, NB
Esther is an experienced professional with 15 years of progressive people and project management experience working across various functions in the industries of Oil and Gas, IT, Insurance, Telecommunication, Financial Services, Education and Health. Esther is adept at working in culturally diverse work environments and communicating effectively with employees at all organizational levels. Esther has worked in broad workplace culture and human capital based jobs and has specialized experience in Inclusive Team Communication, Executive & Group Coaching, Employee Engagement, and Leadership Capability enhancement. Special areas of interest include Employee Inclusion and Retention strategies, Facilitating integration of Immigrants into the workplace, Newcomer Support, Confidence building for Women, Inclusive Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Esther typically works with Team Leaders, Immigrant serving organizations, Immigration Specialists inside corporate organizations, and Businesses hiring skilled newcomers. Esther holds designations as a Certified DISC Human Behavior Trainer, Certified Life & Leadership Transformation Coach, a Licensed Blueprint for Success Facilitator and an MBA in General Management.
  • Communications
  • Immigration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Skills Development


Creating a Culture of Inclusive Communication

Learn to unleash your team’s potential by creating an inclusive environment!

You can create a culture of inclusive communication through a solid understanding of each team member's preferred communication style, motivators, and the ideal environment where they can bring their best, most authentic selves to work – and your organization will reap the benefits!

Research shows that diverse teams are more productive, innovative, and engaged when the right skills are developed to conduct meaningful conversations and uncover common ground which are necessary to engage in inclusive conversations.

This highly interactive learning experience will meet you where you are and help you expand your ability to communicate with your team and others and increase your influence with them. You’ll complete a self assessment, learn strategies to move from polarization to common ground, and discover practical techniques for building a strong foundation of trust and inclusion.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

• Understand the communication style of others and how to connect to them irrespective of the differences

• Assess cultural competence in 7 key areas of influence and how it impacts team productivity

• Identify specific communication styles that strengthen team engagement and foster inclusion

• Create an accompanying action plan to provide guidance as they move into new levels of growth and awareness.

This workshop is for you if you manage functional or cross-functional teams of different sizes but:

• you are seeking ways to create a more psychologically safe work environment where every voice is valued and heard

• you need a boost in your ability to relate to and work effectively with a diverse group of individuals.

• can't figure out the different communication styles, motivators, and ideal environment of your team members

• struggle with what action to take when people involved in a conversation have a strong emotional response.

To benefit you should:

• have a minimum of 5 people on your team

• be willing to promote diversity and inclusion at an interpersonal and /or organizational level