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The majority of LearnSphere Associates are private independent contractors. All Associates support LearnSphere in delivering on its mandate of helping organizations prosper.

We take on new Associates when it is mutually beneficial. Rather than building a long list of suppliers who don’t receive work; we aim to grow with the Associates we have, and fill gaps when there is a business need and a good fit.

If you are curious about becoming a LearnSphere Associate, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions below to help you assess whether the role could be right for you.

If it is, we welcome your application, which you can submit using the form below

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Do you have SME clients? You can be involved with LearnSphere programs without becoming an Associate, simply by promoting our Direct Funding Programs (Export Funding NB, EMAP/EforE PEI, or CCM) to your clients. Funded clients can then choose to work with you, as their consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be a LearnSphere Associate?
  • LearnSphere Associates come from a variety of backgrounds
  • Most Associates deliver services directly to LearnSphere’s end-users : small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-profits.
  • Associates may be involved in some form of facilitation, consulting, and coaching. In this case, experience in designing and delivering effective adult learning is an asset.
  • Some Associates are not involved in capacity development, but instead provide essential support to internal and external projects through their expertise in. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), and Instructional Design for example.
What do we look for in a LearnSphere Associate?
  • Expertise in capacity-building for SMEs (ie business management)
  • Expertise in capacity-building for non-profit organizations (ie, governance, fundraising, HR, etc.)
  • Ability to teach and coach others – either in groups or one-on-one
  • Expertise in specialized areas such as Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, or Instructional Design
  • Comfort/experience with the use of technology for online learning delivery.
  • Bilingualism, or the ability to work with a partner to deliver in both official languages, is an asset especially for those associates working in New Brunswick
What kind of work do LearnSphere Associates do?
  • All LearnSphere Associates help organizations to function more effectively
  • Some Associates work directly with SMEs and non-profits, via group learning (face to face or online), and/or one-one-one coaching.
  • Some Associates do not deliver learning directly, but provide support to projects on matters such as MEL or Instructional Design.
What are the benefits of becoming a LearnSphere Associate?
  • Participate as a provider of expertise under the LearnSphere brand
  • Grow your network through interactions with a range of SMEs, organizations, and other Associates
  • Increase your access to existing markets, or gain access to new markets
  • Become involved in emerging opportunities at LearnSphere
What is the cost to be a LearnSphere Associate?
  • $50 + Hst per year
  • Commission fee of 5% to 8% depending on the amount of work done during the year
What frequency of engagements can I expect as a LearnSphere Associate?
  • Depends on current projects, demand for programs, etc.
  • There is no guarantee of a specific level of engagement; however, LearnSphere does not take on new Associates unless we feel there will be work available for them in the near to short-term.
As a LearnSphere Associate, you agree to:
  • Abide by LearnSphere’s Code of Ethics
  • Respect the commission fee structure and payment schedule
  • Keep your business skills and learning materials current and relevant
  • Respect the quality learning standards established by LearnSphere in the delivery of your workshops
  • Keep your profile on the Supplier Portal up to date
  • Promote the LearnSphere brand when conducting or promoting LearnSphere-funded initiatives
  • Respect LearnSphere’s process for choosing Associates to work on projects; and LearnSphere’s right to choose the best Associate solution for clients
  • Respect the Associate’s role as a sub-contractor, allowing LearnSphere to manage relationships with clients
LearnSphere's roles are to :
  • Identify opportunities and secure funding partners
  • Design and develop the best solutions for clients
  • Assume financial and other risks in projects
  • Notify Associates of opportunities
  • Select the best resources to deliver an effective solution
  • Managing projects to ensure timely and effective outcomes