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Hazel has been providing bookkeeping services for LearnSphere since its inception. She is a self-employed bookkeeper with numerous long-term clients and also provides training and support services for small businesses. Hazel plays a pivotal role in managing LearnSphere’s corporate and project accounts. Her keen business sense, long-term perspective and institutional memory have been valuable assets throughout Hazel’s involvement in LearnSphere projects in Atlantic Canada and around the world.

Hazel holds a two-year Diploma in Business (Accounting) from NBCC Saint John, a Certificate in Business Management and Development from UNB and has taken several business-related courses throughout her career. With a view to eventual retirement, Hazel has a focus on mentoring newcomers to the accounting field, and has also built content and delivers workshops on bookkeeping for small businesses.


Little known fact about Hazel:

As part of her commitment to community-building and poverty alleviation, Hazel has travelled to work in very hands-on development projects in Belize, Cameroon and Haiti.

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