Quality Learning Toolkit for Associates

As LearnSphere celebrates its 25th Anniversary, we are proud to launch this Quality Learning Toolkit for Associates

This compilation of standards and tools gathered from our Associates and elsewhere will help us continue to deliver “best in class” learning experiences, helping businesses and organizations to prosper.

The creation of the toolkit was accelerated by the move to more online learning as a result of Covid-19, but the standards and templates collected here are best practices for any learning environment. 

In the spirit of lifelong learning, we welcome your comments on the toolkit.  As a living document, it will be updated based on your feedback and requests, as well as on evolving best practices in adult learning. 

Toolkit  (Copyright © 2020 by LearnSphere Canada Inc. All rights reserved)


The following templates have been developed by LearnSphere for use by our Associates.  Clicking on the links below will download the editable file to your computer.  

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