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A small company in Saint John, New Brunswick is providing technology solutions for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. “At elandas, we create solutions for sales and marketing teams for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies that support their need to integrate data and personalization into their marketing efforts,” explains elandas Chief Marketing Officer Hayley Bohan.

elandas serves dozens of clients in the United States where its systems support the need for data analysis in a highly privatized healthcare system.

“It’s important for our customers to be able to share with doctors how a drug gets covered, because the doctors care about how much the patients have to pay out of pocket, and that really affects their prescribing position,” says Bohan. “Our products help the companies analyze and capture information around how the drugs are covered and how their competitors’ products are covered. It takes that information and quickly puts it into sales materials that can be shared with doctors and other decision makers.”

The company's newest product is eGenerate, a mobile sales enablement tool. Using elandas eGenerate a sales representative can meet with a doctor, insurance company, or any other type of customer and have all of the relevant marketing materials on his or her iPad tailored specifically for that customer's unique needs or demographics. 

Already elandas has several of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world as clients, and the company has strategic plans for further growth. That's where LearnSphere Canada comes in.

“We have all these leads but we don’t have the in-house capacity to move those leads through the sales funnel,” says Bohan. “That’s why I reached out to LearnSphere this year to apply for the EMAP and E-Tools programs.”

The Export Market Access Program (EMAP) and E-Tools for Exporting funding programs are managed by LearnSphere Canada with financial assistance from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. They are designed to help New Brunswick-based small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) grow their international export markets.

EMAP provides funding for incremental activities that help businesses market themselves more effectively and enhance networking and entrepreneurial skills. Eligible activities include marketing research or strategy development, export planning, mentoring/coaching to improve market research or exporting plans, lead generation and sales activities, development of offline promotional materials, and sales process mapping and/or sales automation requirements.

The E-Tools for Exporting program provides funding to help businesses develop and integrate electronic tools that promote more efficient business practices and support international export market growth. Eligible activities include website development, redesign or rebranding, responsive web design conversion, integration of e-commerce functionality, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid electronic advertising, social media strategy or integration, videos, online catalogues, website translation and the creation of language toggles.

With both programs, total project costs must be more than $5,000 in order to apply for assistance. LearnSphere contributes up to 65 per cent of project costs up to a maximum of $15,000.

Once approved for LearnSphere’s EMAP funding, Bohan engaged an agency for a period of four months to work on turning leads into sales. 

“They are a strong business development team and they are working with us to create the buyers’ journey and help us understand any objections and how to shorten the length of the sales cycle.”

The company was also approved by LearnSphere for funding through the E-Tools program.

“We’re using E-Tools to do targeted LinkedIn, Twitter and Google ads for the next three months,” says Bohan. “We wouldn’t have been able to do a blitz like that this year without LearnSphere. It helps a small company like ours get noticed in the international market because the best, easiest way to drive brand awareness and lead generation is to use social channels.”

Bohan says LearnSphere makes both the application and reimbursement process easy and straightforward.

“That is so important for a small company,” she say. “When you have a cumbersome and lengthy process, it takes away time that we can be out doing things that drum up business. If I’m spending hours and hours filling out funding applications, that’s hours and hours that I’m not strategically thinking about the business.”

In the coming months, elandas will be launching a new suite simply called “elandas” which integrates three of the company’s most successful products plus the eGenerate mobile sales enablement on an easy-to-use platform.

“I think the elandas suite is going to be the future of the company,” says Bohan. “It’s super customizable and fills a real gap the exists in healthcare product industry for technology that can adapt to their changing needs.”

Bohan would encourage other New Brunswick businesses to reach out to LearnSphere to support their export growth activities.

“We take advantage of LearnSphere opportunities every year. It’s a huge help. Together the two programs – EMAP and E-Tools – will really help us augment our launch.”

For more information on elandas, visit: www.elandas.com.

“We take advantage of LearnSphere opportunities every year. It’s a huge help. Together the two programs – EMAP and E-Tools – will really help us augment our launch.”

- Chief Marketing Officer Hayley Bohan

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