Our story is all about one thing: providing comprehensive learning and development solutions world-wide.

LearnSphere operates as a consortium of over 40 Canadian companies and institutions. Together we represent a critical mass of content that fuels incremental business opportunities and delivers unique learning, development and consulting solutions. Our clients include governments, corporations, and international development markets.

We have proven that by pooling resources under one brand, we can produce results that would not be independently obtainable. We provide clients with a single-window, one-stop shop. 

LearnSphere is an independent, federally-incorporated non-profit organization, governed by an elected board of directors. We are proud to adhere to solid management and governance practices that have kept us in business since 1995. 

Mission Statement

Our learning and development solutions help businesses and organizations prosper.

Core Values

  • Business-like approach to operations
  • Excellence in both of Canada’s official languages
  • Objectivity and non-partisanship
  • Transparency and consistency in rules of engagement
  • Strong code of ethics
  • Open to any individual, partnership, organization, association or institution wishing to join to further advance our goals
  • Possess strong and healthy collaborative stakeholder relationships based on common purpose and shared responsibilities
  • Deliver on commitments and respect the LearnSphere brand


LearnSphere is Canada’s premier provider of comprehensive training and workforce development services.


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Head Office: 565 Priestman Street, Suite 201, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5X8 Canada


1883 Upper Water Street, Suite 202, Halifax, NS, B3J 1S9 Canada

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