LearnSphere Online is a multi-functional e-learning platform, powered by Bluedrop Performance Learning’s CoursePark.

It offers businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals the opportunity to learn online in a convenient, easy-to-use and affordable way.

LearnSphere Online may have the solution you need if you face any of the following challenges: 

  • Workers in multiple locations
  • Employees on shift-work
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Finding sales training (general and specific)
  • Employee onboarding
  • Lack of general business skills

For more information or a detailed explanation of how LearnSphere Online can help you and your business, contact us: info@learnsphere.ca or 506-452-0387.

Or visit the LearnSphere Online microsite to learn more: learnsphereonline.ca

What’s new with LearnSphere Online?

Federal and provincial governments invest in workforce development for small business
Provincial, federal governments invest in LearnSphere Canada Inc.

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We started with LearnSphere Online early on, and it started with just myself taking courses and exploring the website. I then started to add people and slowly build the Moosehead Account to 30-40 people, and then it exploded once people saw the value of taking some of the required courses online and how convenient and easy it was. Some people did several in one day. Now we have over 140 users and hundreds of courses assigned and taken.

I was sold on the website as it had the ability for us to add our own site-specific courses. We started with Radiation Awareness and Pedestrian Safety courses and are now expanding into Leadership courses for Leaders at Moosehead and bundling courses together on the Moosehead page for specific jobs, as well as the addition of our own Safety Orientation course for new employees and contractors.    

LearnSphere also worked with us hand in hand to help assist and train me as the Administrator, as well as assisting in troubleshooting any issues we had – by the way, we didn’t have many!  

Jamie Pellegrini
Brewery Safety / Site Services Manager
Moosehead Breweries Ltd. 

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