Frequently Asked Questions


Can my business apply to both EMAP and E for E?  

Yes, businesses can apply to both programs, or to one program twice per funding cycle. However, it is rare that we will approve two applications at the same time. 

What stage should my business be at before I apply?  

Eligible applicants must have generated revenue within the last year. This means that your business/product has achieved sales, at least within Canada. (Priority is given to current exporters.)  If your product or service is still under development, your business is considered pre-commercial and therefore you are not yet eligible to apply to EMAP or E for E. Also, to be eligible for E for E, you should have either a formal export market plan or evidence of an entry strategy to an export market.

LearnSphere offers a range of export development programs for businesses at different stages of commercialization. Please contact us to learn if you may be eligible for other programs.

Can an application contain more than one activity?

Yes, you can submit one application that covers several eligible activities. You may use more than one consultant to complete each of these activities. If you intend to hire different consultants for different activities, please ensure you attach a consultant’s proposal for each activity to your application.

How do I find a consultant?

LearnSphere cannot recommend consultants for EMAP and E for E projects. You can ask people in your network (peers, colleagues, advisors working in economic development) to suggest consultants who could meet your needs. Consultants do not need to be based in your region; they can be located anywhere in the world.

What should be included in the consultant’s proposal?

Please see this template for an example of what should be included in a consultant’s proposal.

Can an employee do the work of the project?

No, the funding must be used to pay professional fees for expertise that does not exist in-house.  The only exception is online advertising, in which case case the consultant is Google, Facebook, etc. and the employee can manage the campaign.

What is meant by incrementality?

The applicant must demonstrate that the project goes beyond the applicant’s core activities , represents new initiatives and yields incremental results.

How long is a typical project? 

Once your application has been accepted, it is referred to as your “project”. Most projects take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete. Targeted promotional campaigns could last for up to 6 months.

How do I finance the project?

You must be able to cash flow all planned activities in the project. EMAP and E for E will reimburse eligible costs once the work is complete and you have submitted a claim.

How are applications evaluated? 

The evaluation is based on a list of criteria that constitutes a business case for the proposed project. Because the demand is high for these programs, the applications demonstrating the highest potential for economic impact to their region and most in alignment with the Atlantic Growth Strategy will be given priority.

How does the claims process work? 

You are responsible to pay all project expenses, including HST, as they are incurred. Once the activities of your project are complete, you will submit a claim. You will be reimbursed only once the claim has been accepted.  



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