This application must be completed by an officer and/or director of the organization that has been duly authorized to do act on behalf of the organization (the “Authorized Officer”).

Please note, this application cannot be saved. Please have your consultant’s proposal ready to attach to your application at the bottom of this page. 

Form of organization
Language preference for correspondence
Type of proposed activity (select one only)

Topic of proposed activity (one only)

STAGE 4: Testing and Validation Stage
STAGE 5: Full Production and Market Launch Stage
Budget & Sources of Funds
  • The maximum contribution is 65% of actual costs (before tax), to a maximum amount of $16,250.
  • As this program will reimburse on a percentage of actual costs incurred, please provide a detailed budget for your project in the left side of the table below.
  • Please provide a list of all other sources of funds for this activity in the right side of the table, including the portion of total funds requested from the CCM program.
Project Costs * Project Financing
Amount requested (max 65%; up to max. of $16,250)
Applicant contribution (min 35%)
Other sources (please specify)
Total Total

*   Please refer to the program guidelines to determine whether costs are eligible. Project costs incurred prior to application are not eligible.



* It is the sole responsibility of the Applicant to select the consultant they wish to work with.


Please submit the following documents in addition to your application. If all of the information is provided in the consultant’s proposal, that one document will be sufficient. Your application will not be evaluated until the supporting documentation is received.



The following documentation is often useful during project evaluation. You may wish to consider including it with your application. 

  • Written technical descriptions and specifications
  • Drawings or sketches
  • Material lists or similar descriptions of key components
  • Photos of products being assembled and finished
  • References to patents filed or held
Acceptance of terms

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  1. The Authorized Officer hereby certifies that (s)he has the authority to bind the Organization;
  2. The Applicant acknowledges, agrees and consents to LearnSphere making inquiries with other federal and provincial government agencies (including the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) (the “Agencies”) in order to assess its application; and
  3. The Applicant hereby acknowledges, agrees and consents to the collection and sharing of information by LearnSphere with the Agencies for the duration of the program(s) to assist with the administration thereof.


The Applicant (the “Corporation”) authorizes the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (the “Agency”) to collect from LearnSphere Canada Inc. (“LearnSphere”) the Corporation’s name and business address and to disclose to LearnSphere whether the Corporation has respected the requirements of any contribution agreements between itself and the Agency, at any time from the date of signature of this document until the end of the Corporation’s funding agreement with Learnsphere. The information disclosed to LearnSphere by ACOA may include name, contact information, language preference, biographical information, professional references, signature, financial information, date of birth, social insurance number and photograph.

The Corporation acknowledges that the collection of information from, and disclosure of information to LearnSphere is for the purpose of assisting LearnSphere in its determination and verification of the Corporation’s eligibility for funding with LearnSphere and to assist with the administration of any agreement between the Corporation and Learnsphere.

The Corporation acknowledges that the contribution agreements and all other documents relating to them may contain confidential information and/or confidentiality clauses, which require the Corporation’s consent prior to their disclosure and any information relating thereto. This letter is to provide the Agency with the requisite authorization and consent for full disclosure and discussion of all information and documents pertaining to the above noted contribution agreements and the Corporation to/with LearnSphere Canada Inc.

The Corporation acknowledges that its refusal to consent to the disclosure of information by the Agency to LearnSphere may result in a denial of the corporation’s application for funding.

The Corporation hereby releases the Agency of any liability in regards to the information and documents disclosed to LearnSphere and in regards to the subsequent use and disclosure of the information and/or documentation by LearnSphere.

The undersigned has authority to bind the Corporation and is duly authorized to provide this consent and authorization on behalf of the Corporation.

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