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Form of organization
Language preference for correspondence
Type of proposed activity (select one only)

Topic of proposed activity (one only) (see Guidelines for further explanation)

STAGE 4: Testing and Validation Stage
STAGE 5: Full Production and Market Launch Stage
Budget & Sources of Funds
  • The maximum contribution is 65% of actual costs (before tax), to a maximum amount of $16,250.
  • As this program will reimburse on a percentage of actual costs incurred, please provide a detailed budget for your project in the left side of the table below.
  • Please provide a list of all other sources of funds for this activity in the right side of the table, including the portion of total funds requested from the CCM program.
Project Costs * Project Financing
Amount requested (max 65%; up to max. of $16,250)
Applicant contribution (min 35%)
Other sources (please specify)
Total Total

*   Please refer to the program guidelines to determine whether costs are eligible. Project costs incurred prior to application are not eligible.



* It is the sole responsibility of the Applicant to select the consultant they wish to work with.


Please submit the following documents in addition to your application. If all of the information is provided in the consultant’s proposal, that one document will be sufficient. Your application will not be evaluated until the supporting documentation is received.



The following documentation is often useful during project evaluation. You may wish to consider including it with your application. 

  • Written technical descriptions and specifications
  • Drawings or sketches
  • Material lists or similar descriptions of key components
  • Photos of products being assembled and finished
  • References to patents filed or held
Acceptance of terms

By clicking "Submit" below, the Applicant grants permission to the evaluators to contact administrators of other federal and provincial commercialization assistance program during the evaluation process. Additionally, the applicant acknowledges that the information provided will be shared with the program’s funder, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. If approved, the Applicant will be required to agree to the distribution of information about the project as part of public communications such as news releases, presentations, web content, case studies, testimonials, and promotional materials. 

Once your application is successfully received, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, please verify that all required fields have been completed before resubmitting.

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