December 15, 2020

Tools for Best-In-Class Delivery

Laura Maynard Laura Maynard Senior Project Manager

Quality Learning Tool

LearnSphere Associates are experts in their fields. They bring real-world business experience and knowledge to the content they create, the learning they facilitate and the coaching they provide.

As promoters of life-long learning, our Associates share LearnSphere’s values of continuous improvement and excellence. As an organization, we help them to act on these values by providing regular professional development opportunities.

Planning for our 25th anniversary gave us the opportunity to reflect on how we can continue to ensure that we offer only “best-in-class” learning experiences. To that end, by drawing on existing resources, best practices in adult learning and our Associates’ knowledge and skills, we released LearnSphere’s Quality Learning Toolkit in the fall of 2020.

The need for the toolkit was accelerated by the move to online learning due to COVID-19, but the standards and templates collected in it are best practices for any learning environment.

“I have participated in a lot of virtual conferences and many of the speakers are not prepared to deliver online,” says Carolyn Watson, of C Watson HR Consulting in Moncton. “ LearnSphere’s Quality Learning Toolkit is a great source for anyone who wishes to keep participants engaged.  These tools were well thought out and it has helped me transition from in person to online learning.”

Packaged in an easy-to-access format, the Quality Learning Toolkit includes our most up-to-date learning design standards for both in person and online learning delivery; our new brand standards; and supportive resources, templates and tools.

In addition to releasing the Quality Learning Toolkit this fall, we also offered Associates access to professional development courses (online, of course) to help maximize their own learning transfer, and to enable them to share their learnings with each other.

Many of our Associates were already delivering blended or fully virtual learning before the pandemic, but as they converted to offering solely online learning solutions, the release of the Quality Learning Toolkit and the accompanying workshops and coaching have been timely and appreciated.

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