December 14, 2021

ProfitLearn: Go-Go Group Inc. calls service “invaluable”

Laura Douglass Laura Douglass Project Coordinator


LearnSphere is proud to help organizations prosper. Go-Go Group Inc. has been a long-standing client of LearnSphere’s ProfitLearn program, and we couldn’t be happier for their success in New Brunswick.

Incorporated in 2006, Go-Go Group Inc. has been a leader in the childcare and recreation industry for 15+ years. With a passion for quality and professional childcare, Go-Go programs are continuing to grow across the Province of New Brunswick. Their programs now include pre-school, after-school, gymnastics programs, and special events. 

“We are so appreciative of the training opportunities that LearnSphere provided to our leadership team during one of our largest growth periods. Their programs were uniquely tailored to our needs at the time, and the staff and consultants delivering services were responsive, adaptable, and attentive to our training goals and requirements. It was an invaluable service, and we are so grateful for their help.” – Kara Angus, President, Go-Go Group Inc.


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