January 24, 2020

Customized Training Supports the Success of Davie Shipbuilding Suppliers

Hannah Westner Hannah Westner Senior Project Manager

Group Photo Jan 22 CROPPED

Twelve companies from the Chantier Davie Canada Suppliers Association have taken part in a series of eight training workshops, the last of which was completed on January 22.

Participants were unanimous in their praise for the Supply Chain 1-2-3 learning and development program offered by LearnSphere / SavoirSphère. This innovative program equips companies with the skills, tools and knowledge needed to access opportunities for growth in the ocean technology or defence sector supply chains.

“The participants were extremely satisfied. The energy of the instructors, the many discussions among participants, as well as the generosity and openness shown by everyone involved all contributed to making the workshops an undeniable success. Over the course of the program, all participating firms will have gained valuable insights that are sure to help them achieve business success,” said Pierre Drapeau, Vice President and Spokesperson at the Chantier Davie Canada Suppliers Association.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Davie Shipbuilding, which places great emphasis on nurturing the companies that make up its supply chain. “We offer our congratulations to all the firms that participated in the LearnSphere training workshops, and we are confident that the program will lead to new business opportunities. Moreover, participants clearly improved their skills through their discussions and interactions with the expert trainers. We hope that our suppliers will have access to similarly enriching experiences in the future,” explained Frédérik Boisvert, Vice President, Public Affairs at Davie Shipbuilding.

LearnSphere helps businesses and organizations reach their full potential through the design and delivery of comprehensive, bilingual, evidence-based learning and development solutions for the economic development, health, and social sectors. “LearnSphere has designed and delivered training for over 50,000 individuals from more than 3,000 organizations across Canada and in over 20 countries,” said Annette Comeau, Chief Executive Officer at LearnSphere. 

LearnSphere has carefully created the Supply Chain 1-2-3 program to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses collaborating on projects at Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, Seaspan Shipyards in Vancouver and, most recently, Davie Shipbuilding in Lévis, Quebec.

Unique in Canada, Supply Chain 1-2-3 improves skills, collaboration and business opportunities by helping SMEs access supply chains at the regional and national levels. The program, which continues to expand, has now been offered in six Canadian provinces, thanks to key partnerships with organizations such as the Chantier Davie Canada Suppliers Association, and Davie Shipbuilding.

The project has been made possible thanks to support from the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund.

Pictured above:

Back row: Pierre Drapeau, Tony Galanis, André Gauvin, Mario Barrette, Claude Lefebvre, Jacques Côté, Sylvie Laporte, Richard Tremblay, Gino Landry, Pierre Goulet, Vincent Marmion and Patrick Lebeau.
Front row: Frédérik Samuel, Philippe Flebus, Maxime Meloche, Annette Comeau, Alexandre Bibeau, Simon Maltais and Patrick Nolin.

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