February 16, 2022

Commercialization: BreatheSuite creates buzz for new inhaler product

Lauren Caines Lauren Caines Project Manager

Client Feature BreatheSuite

LearnSphere is proud to help organizations prosper. BreatheSuite is a recent client in our Commercialization, Consulting & Mentoring (CCM) Program that saw great results in a short time period.

Founded in 2018, BreatheSuite is a Newfoundland-based biotech company that creates digital and connected health solutions that help patients with chronic respiratory conditions live healthier lives. BreatheSuite’s primary innovations are inhaler sensors and a mobile application that help improve inhaler technique and adherence for patients with Asthma and COPD. Knowing that 90% of patients with Asthma & COPD take their inhaler incorrectly, BreatheSuite’s technology will improve the quality of life for millions.

The company applied to LearnSphere for funding to help increase awareness, credibility, and value of their inhaler add-on device and app amongst key audiences in conjunction with securing FDA approval. With CCM funding, the company hired a consultant with marketing expertise specific to the sector and undertook activities that led to an increase in followers and the identification of prospective clients.

“The CCM program funding provided very relevant assistance in commercializing our inhaler add-on device and app. We have been able to further define our market and move towards the next step in our commercialization process, engaging with our prospective customers via our sales team. I would be extremely likely to recommend this program to other companies who are commercializing a new product.” – Lindsay Maher, Operations Manager, BreatheSuite

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