May 11, 2021

Celebrating Atlantic Youth & Innovation

Hannah Westner Hannah Westner Senior Project Manager

U40 Jaza

Through LearnSphere’s funding and learning programswe regularly encounter exciting new businesses in Atlantic Canada.  We recently began tracking more demographic information and we are delighted to see how many highly innovative SMEs are being led by entrepreneurs under 40 years of age.   

Here are a few that have come to our attention recently:   


Soon to be known as Symbodi Labsthey have been in the news recently for closing a $420,000+ deal with Arlene Dickinson on Dragons’ Den.  The company started with a personal care device treating muscle tension and back pain and are now expanding into other product lines. 


Jaza builds solar powered energy hubs so people living without electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa can charge batteries to power their homes.  Their growing team employs many in both Halifax and Tanzania. 


The company provides AI equipped software platforms to help biogas plants minimize risk  during project development and operation. Anessa serves clients in 11 countries and 3  continents. They currently employ 13 highly skilled team members and will be adding 4 more in  the next 12 months.   

MICC Financial Inc.  

MICC Financial has developed a collaborative platform that helps groups of individuals pool money to achieve their financial goals. Their mission is to accelerate access to credit to the underbanked community and promote healthy financial habits. 

This list is just a taste of the many promising young entrepreneurs around the region.  Others we are aware of includes  Chinova Bioworks (pictured), Stewart Farms, iTacit, Boss Gibson, and The Farmers’ Truck

Many of these will be familiar to you, but you may not have linked them all by age category.  That’s because they are not out promoting their ages – they’re promoting their products. 

LearnSphere is proud of the small part we have played in helping these businesses grow and prosper.  In these challenging times, these young entrepreneurs offer a reason to be optimistic for Atlantic Canada’s future 

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