Export Development

We all know that exporting is vital to the Atlantic Canadian economy – it generates capital, drives investment, creates jobs and spurs growth. Federal research estimates that for every $1 million in export sales, the economy sustains six full-time jobs.

Exporting enables SMEs to seek out new growth opportunities, operate more productively and become more profitable. But exporting can also be risky, complex, and costly to initiate. Our programs help you address the key factors linked to strong export performance: planning, strategy, market resource and financial support.

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Export Market Access Program

Financial assistance to increase your exports through better market access

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E-tools for Exporting

Financial assistance to increase your exports through better online tools

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Exporters NB

Exporters NB Program

Financial assistance to help you get started in exporting

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Export NB Portal

New Brunswick’s hub for export-related information and tools

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