Balanced Scorecards: A Leadership Approach

Could your busi­ness be more suc­cess­ful if you could some­how bet­ter com­mu­ni­cate its strat­e­gy to your employees? 

Even if every­one is work­ing hard, how can you be sure that every­one under­stands what you are try­ing to accom­plish? And how do you align your employ­ees on the key mea­sures that make the dif­fer­ence in your business?

A Bal­anced Score­card approach is an effec­tive tool to ensure every­one in your orga­ni­za­tion is aligned on the most impor­tant parts of your business.

This sys­tem is most effec­tive when the score­card effec­tive­ly cas­cades down to the busi­ness and sup­port unit lev­el, includ­ing indi­vid­ual lev­els, so that account­abil­i­ty is cre­at­ed from top to bot­tom in your organization.

Tar­get Audi­ence: busi­ness own­ers, man­agers or super­vi­sors with 10 + employees

At our work­shop, expert con­sul­tant Dale Thi­bodeau will guide you to prac­ti­cal, ready-to-use solu­tions to focus on your most impor­tant issues and learn how to spend more time work­ing on” your busi­ness rather than work­ing in” it.

In just one day you will learn:

  • How to cre­ate a strat­e­gy map in a cause-and- effect chain
  • How to use the Bal­anced Score­card as a strate­gic per­for­mance man­age­ment tool
  • How to imple­ment cas­cad­ing account­abil­i­ty in organizations
1 day

Facil­i­ta­tors (Eng­lish)
Dale Thi­bodeau (DJ Thi­bodeau and Asso­ciates Inc.)

Facil­i­ta­tors (French)
Dale Thi­bodeau (DJ Thi­bodeau and Asso­ciates Inc.)

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